[rescue] Sun Starfire 10000 pricing

Tonu Samuel tonu at jes.ee
Sun Apr 21 01:19:40 CDT 2013


I have problem here with thiefs who broke on to my house and stole my
Sun Starfire 10000 cables and sold them for couple of euros for metal. 

Because we got them and they going to court I need to know price of
these items, so I can seek for damages.

Because of legal reason I need to know price as best I could from
official source. But people who were previously Sun resellers said that
Sun is gone and they have no info about Starfire stuff anymore.

Is anyone here can find some documents about spares prices on this
monster computer? Best if someone can provide me offer to sell full set
of cables for this computer. Anyone?


BTW, funny fact: some time ago I decided to buy new air filters from
reseller and asked for price. I assumed they are expensive, maybe over
100 eur and was still ready to buy them. Well, price was 880 EUR (over
1000 USD). 

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