[rescue] Sgi dat drive?

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Thu Apr 18 12:26:56 CDT 2013

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[rescue] Sgi dat drive?
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>Anybody have a spare sgi dat drive with audio support? Or
know where i can get
>the firmware to flash a seagate to do the same (not that
i have a seagate
>handy either, so ill have to track that down too, so it
should be simpler to
>get an sgi)?
>I'd like to spare the heads on my tascam
and i got hundreds of tapes to

Can you provide a little more
detail about the DAT drives that would work for you?  Specific models would be

I've still got several 4mm drives of various generations myself,
from Sony, HP and Archive/Conner and others, but I don't think any have SGI
firmware in them.  Is there a SCSI query to check if audio is supported by the
firmware?  That would go a long way to figuring out if a non-SGI drive might
work for you too.


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