[rescue] Sun 386i Docs Posted

Jason T silent700 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 13 00:36:40 CDT 2013

Hello Sunfans - I have completed scanning my pile of documentation for
the Sun 386i and the SunOS 4.0.4 docs that came with it.  I have no
idea if this is the complete set for that machine (I suspect not) but
it's what I received from a friend who has the hardware.  They (and
other Sun docs I've scanned) are posted here:


There is also a manual for the Aurora Technologies Multiport 800 that
was in one of the binders, posted here:


The originals are now available FFS to whomever may want them.  Not so
valuable now that scans are online but some folks like (and still have
room for) paper.  Shipping won't be cheap - there are five 3-ring
binders of varying size.  I am in the 60070 zip.

Thanks and enjoy the docs.


Retrocomputing and collecting in the Chicago area:

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