[rescue] Help with SunFire V240 Server

Andrew Gaylard ag at computer.org
Thu Apr 11 10:25:06 CDT 2013

On 04/11/13 15:57, Lionel Peterson wrote:
> How do I:
>   - configure mirrored boot drive? Data drive? Is it something to do when I
> select the drives to install on? (I've been in Windows-land so long I
> forgot how, if I ever actually knew!)
When installing, you must "boot cdrom - text" (I think).  I guess if you 
don't have
a framebuffer, the installer will be in text-mode anyway.  When you get 
to select
the boot disk, select two of them, and you should be offered a RAID-1 setup.

ZFS doesn't offer RAID-0 or -5 on the boot zpool.  But mirroring is 
fine, and it
can be configured directly in the installer.
>   - configure naming services in a home setting? I selected "No Naming
> Services" this time around, but when I ran through the configuring "DNS"
> naming service I had to specify a domain, which I don't have.
I always select "DNS", and then enter my domain and DNS server.
(what do you mean, "I don't have my own domain"?) :)

I guess you can either pick "localdomain", or else go get one from
one of the free dynamic DNS providers.

>   - How does one access any security patches? I am installing the latest
> Solaris 10 ISO from Oracle, I assume it is up-to-date as of the date they
> released it (Jan/Feb 2013, IIRC) - that should be reasonably secure/stable,
> right? (I don't plan on running this on the Internet, so I only need to be
> so concerned about security.
As a hobbyist, I'd love to know this myself.
>   - Sun used to offer a "Solaris Freeware" ISO full of shareware that was
> easily installed, is that just long-gone? How do folks access
> shareware/open software? Which repositories? What is the install process -
> is it typically just download, unzip, run a shell script?

The box I use for everything is a Ultra-45 running Solaris-10.

I strongly recommend opencsw.org for most stuff.

I use firefox, thunderbird, and lightning direct from

I use the latest openoffice.org from 

I use Acrobat and flash from adobe.com.  They're both a bit dated,
(i.e. watch out for security vulnerabilities!) but they work well enough
for youtube and imo.im (except for voice).

I have downloaded the Sun Studio compiler, but haven't tried it;
gcc has always "just worked" for me.  Does someone have any
info (URLs, etc) showing if it really is faster, and by how much?

I'm pretty sure that the XVR-x00 graphics cards should "just work".

Last year, I put a XVR-100 into an ancient Ultra-5, and it just worked.
It was even possible to get the OBP to use it as the default, instead of
the onboard 8-bit graphics from the last millennium.

Does the V240 have USB ports, for mouse and keyboard?
If so, I have a spare type-7 keyboard I can send you (but no mouse, sorry).


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