[rescue] Talking of OS installs of Suns; So I have this E450...

JP Hindin jplist2008 at kiwigeek.com
Mon Apr 8 12:46:32 CDT 2013

... that I haven't fired up since I picked it up probably six years ago. I
have a nasty habit of that. At any rate - unit is diskless, but has a pair
of 400mHz processors, 4G of RAM and its internal 5.25" Sun DVD drive. The
unit powers on and passes all tests.

I have a couple of oddities that's left me confused as to what I've got
going on here.

The DVD drive won't eject on its own. Hitting the eject button the light
flashes and it -sounds- like something is going on, but the tray never
releases. Using the appropriate force-eject tool, I can insert the Solaris
DVD, but when I hit the button the tray retracts and then spits back out
immediately. If I... persuade it to keep the tray in (I feel dirty doing
this), and then ask it to 'boot cdrom' the DVD appears to spin up and I
get a 'bad magic number' error.

I pulled down a copy of Solaris 10 u9 from the list archives. I burnt it
in the same manner I burnt my SunOS 4.1.4 bootable media (CD, of course)
which did work nicely. If I insert the media into another machine (like my
Mac at the office) it mounts correctly.

What's more likely - I've goofed up my media somehow, or the Sun DVD is

Cheers all;

 - JP

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