[rescue] Help with SunFire V240 Server

Joshua D. Boyd jdboyd at jdboyd.net
Mon Apr 8 01:51:00 CDT 2013

Cory Smelosky <b4 at gewt.net> wrote:

>On 04/04/2013 05:01 PM, Lionel Peterson wrote:
>> Thanks - this is great info to get me started.
>> If I can use a USB CD/DVD drive that's great, really makes things
>> I will try the OpenSXCE live/install image from here (
>> and give it a whirl tomorrow. it will be nice to see this running,
>but it
>> is a bit noisy (not unbearable, just noisy).
>Be forewarned, OpenSXCE doesn't have properly functioning zones yet. 
>I'm willing to help you if you attempt zones...I got solaris 10 branded
>zones to work.

Please spill. :)

Also, have you tried to get open Indiana branded zones going?

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