[rescue] Booting a T2000

Joshua D. Boyd jdboyd at jdboyd.net
Mon Apr 8 01:47:42 CDT 2013

Thanks that fixed it.

Andrew Gaylard <ag at computer.org> wrote:

>Hi Joshua,
>I think that this is the cause of your trouble:
>{0} ok boot disk
>Boot device: /pci at 780/pci at 0/pci at 9/scsi at 0/disk at 0  File and args:
>Can't open boot device
>... and ...
>Target 2
>Unit 0   Disk     ATA     WDC WD800BEVS-081G08    156301488 Blocks, 80
>   SATA device  PhyNum 2
>It looks to me like the "disk" alias is pointing to disk ID 0, but your
>disk is actually ID 2.  (What does "devalias" show?)
>Try "boot disk2".
>If that works, then you can "init 0" from Solaris to return to the PROM
>and "setenv boot-device disk2", to get OBP to remember it.
>Hope this helps,
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