[rescue] Help with SunFire V240 Server

Carl R. Friend crfriend at rcn.com
Sun Apr 7 20:25:44 CDT 2013

    On Sun, 7 Apr 2013, Lionel Peterson wrote:

> I'm on hiatus until the actual Sun DVD drive arrives later this week - I opted
> to spring $20 for the right part shipped from an eBay vendor, after my failed
> attempt with a spare laptop DVD and my lack of interest in trying any number
> of other laptop drives...

     There is a SCSI port on the back of the system into which, so long
as one has the correct cables and connectors, one should be able to
boot a SCSI DVD from.  It's c1 (or c2 depending on whether one has the
IDE controller connected -- you have to watch that) so you have the
full SCSI address space to play with, which can be useful.

> Of course, once I finish all this I have no real use for the box...

    That's not necessarily the point, is it?  I'd posit that the point
is the challenge of conquering something that you haven't yet done.
At least for me that's a huge part of it.


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