[rescue] Booting a T2000

Joshua Boyd jdboyd at jdboyd.net
Sat Apr 6 12:50:25 CDT 2013

I was able to boot the machine from the dvd drive to install opensxce,
and opensxce had no trouble seeing the hd and installing to it

Now, I'm trying to actually boot the machine.  Just boot didn't work.
printenv showed it was set to some weird default, so I restored
boot-device back to default value of "disk net".  Boot still doesn't
work.  It pauses for a long time, then tries to netboot.

Boot disk shows this:
{0} ok boot disk
Boot device: /pci at 780/pci at 0/pci at 9/scsi at 0/disk at 0  File and args:

Can't open boot device

{0} ok

probe-scsi shows this:
{0} ok probe-scsi

MPT Version 1.05, Firmware Version

Target 2
Unit 0   Disk     ATA     WDC WD800BEVS-081G08    156301488 Blocks, 80
  SATA device  PhyNum 2
{0} ok

So, OBP certainly sees that there is an HD.  Do T2000s require something
special that I'm missing? 

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