[rescue] Help with SunFire V240 Server

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Thu Apr 4 17:21:17 CDT 2013

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[rescue] Help with SunFire V240 Server
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>Hello all,
>I've had this
lying around for a while, decided it was time to do something
>with it. "It"
is a SunFire V240 w/ 2 CPUs of unknown speed, with 4x wiped
>HDs (2x 72G
2x146G SAS) and 8 Gigs of RAM. It powers-up fine, runs through
diagnostics, then stops and drops to the open-boot prompt ('ok').

glad to hear you have one of these.  Despite being a bit noisy to have sitting
next to your desk, it's a favorite model of mine.

One thing to note is that
the ALOM card in those machines is upgradeable to support SSH.  You want
version 1.6.10 for SSH support:

# scadm version

SC Version v1.6
SC Bootmon
Version:  v1.6.10
SC Firmware Version:  v1.6.10
>And, of course, since this
server does not have a DVD drive on-board, how
>should I go about installing
an OS? Is a USB optical drive an option? USB
>flash drive? I don't have a boot
server available and would prefer to not
>set one up if at all possible.
The firmware in these machines cannot boot from USB optical drives; you will
need to network boot, get a SCSI optical drive (as previously mentioned), or
just use your own slim notebook ATA optical drive.  Not all notebook optical
drives seem to work; specifically, I think the drive's firmware has to be set
for CSEL support.  I'm using a MATSHITA SR-8175 DVD-ROM drive from an IBM
laptop in my V240 and it works just fine.

good luck,

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