[rescue] Help with SunFire V240 Server

mc68010 mc68010 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 4 16:18:01 CDT 2013

On 4/4/2013 2:11 PM, Lionel Peterson wrote:
> Dude, you are hard hing my mellow! ;^)

Heh sorry about that.

Most of these servers (Sun and x86) used the same 'laptop' style optical 
drives. They just sort of slide in. You might have to unscrew any 
latching tabs but, I've used all sorts of random IDE cd drives out of 
Dell's and Compaq rackmount stuff in v210 and v240. The only difference 
I found, in most, is where they screw whatever metal latch they use on 
the drive. You wont be able to lock it in place but, it's not going 
anywhere anyway. They fit very snug.

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