[rescue] Origin 2000, full rack, Norfolk, if you want it

Scott Quinn saquinn624 at aol.com
Sat Sep 22 10:44:07 CDT 2012

> Want?  Yes.
> Survive the acquisition?  Now that's a much more difficult quesiton.
> Nick

Where are you located? The Origin 2000 is probably the most friendly full
rack system in existance. None of that IBM / Cray technique of making it
weigh 1200 pounds+.

They are pretty modular. Not quite as good as the later Origin 3x series, but
if you pull the boards, PSUs and the
compute modules it gets reduced to something that you'll need two people for a
brief time and then you can do the
rest. I've even disassembled one enough to hump it from the garage to the
second floor (via stairs) by myself. Just
be careful of the board compression connectors and the LCD screen and you'll
be fine.

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