[rescue] Question on boot loader on ZFS rpool mirror

John Lengeling John.Lengeling at radisys.com
Mon Sep 17 23:06:47 CDT 2012

I loaded Solaris 10 on a server and performed the initial install to a ZFS
root pool.   All works well until the first drive in the ZFS root mirror goes
bad and the system won't boot and the BIOS doesn't see the second drive in the
ZFS rpool mirror as a bootable drive.

Is this because the boot loader was never installed on the second drive in the
ZFS root pool?   I would have thought that the Solaris 10 initial install
would have installed the boot loader on both drives at the initial Solaris 10
install time.

The first drive (one that was marked as failed) just had some transient
communications problems and was rebuilt when I booted to Solaris failsafe
mode.  Not that I have a bootable and 100% functioning system now.   I want to
understand what happened as I think I have several other servers where there
is no boot loader on the second HD in the ZFS rpool.

How to I install the boot loader on this second drive in the ZFS rpool?   Also
is this a safe operation to perform if the server is running multiuser?   I
just want to make sure I don't mess up the rpool as I don't have a lot of
Solaris 10 and ZFS boot experience.



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