[rescue] Basement cleaning

John Carr jcarr at poethecat.com
Sat Oct 27 10:48:32 CDT 2012

Hey, all!

I've finally hit that fateful day where I simply have too much in my little
office in the basement. It appears to be time to divest of some things that
have been, literally, collecting dust.  This is the first of a couple rounds
of cleaning - I have bunch of parts and other systems that I need to check
out, etc. yet, such as at least 1 911 case, some SBUS cards, a few PowerMac

These are free for the cost of shipping from 48067, or if you want to pick
them up, that would be even better!  If I don't hear anything by 11/2, it all
goes to the local recycler for, well, recycling.

Ultra 5:
OBP 3.31
US-IIi 360MHz
6Gb drive
Definitely works - used to be my firewall

Ultra 2:
OPB 3.11
18Gb drive
dead cd-rom

Netra T1 105
2x9Gb drives
Everything works - used to be my mail server

HP Omnibook 5500CT
16Mb RAM
800Mb drive
Works well with Win95 or FreeBSD

The following system is pick-up only because it's so f'ing big. I'd consider
sending out the drives separately though if someone wants them:

Dell PowerEdge 2400
512mb RAM
6x36Gb Drives (with Dell PERC RAID card, of course)

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