[rescue] Why not run vendor OSes? [Re: Sun T1000 disk and pcie options]

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Tue Oct 16 02:15:59 CDT 2012

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>> I'd also welcome suggestions for OS and version to run on this
>> critter.  [...]  But apparently Ubuntu 10.04 will run on it, so I
>> may not be stuck with an old version of OpenSolaris after all.
> This question pops up now and again, and I am confused why you would
> want to run anything other than Solaris 10 or 11 or one of the
> *Solaris distro's on it.

Personally?  I don't have one.  But if I did, I wouldn't run Solaris
because I don't run code I didn't build from source.

It doesn't eliminate whatever the open-source Solaris clone is calling
itself this week.  That, well, personally, I don't run it because...
aside from inertia, because it can run on few-to-no of my other
machines.  (In NetBSD terms, I have i386, sparc64, alpha, macppc,
sparc, shark, and amd64 running or needing only hooking up and turning
on, with examples of mac68k, next68k, vax, hp300, hp700, sun3, pmax,
dreamcast, and hpcmips in varying lesser degrees of readiness to run.
I know of nothing but NetBSD and maybe Linux that runs on more than
about half of those.)

Ideally, I would run as great a variety of OSes as I do hardware.
However, I do not have the time for that at present, and for that
matter I don't know whether I would actually enjoy it - I play with
computers because I enjoy it, so that's highly relevant.

> Even if you had lunux or what ever up and running without any issues,
> what would be the point?  you would [lose] out on all the neat things
> you can do with a cool threads/Niagara processor.

If it's documented, it can be added.  And if it's not documented, as
far as I'm concerned it might as well not exist.

> It would be like going out purchasing the latest x86 processor, then
> running nothing other than FreeDOS on it.

Indeed.  Which I wouldn't do.  Nor do I expect I'd spend money on a

If I were given one of them, though - and I didn't see the original
message, so I don't know whether that was the case here or not - I
might well do just that, might under-use the hardware because using its
full capabilities requires a cost I'm not willing to pay.

> I'm not intentionally picking on you, but this isn't the first time I
> have seen this, or a similar question.  I just don't see the logic in
> running anything else.

I don't know whether my answers bear any relevance to the OP's.  But
perhaps this can give you a few possible answers to your implied "why
would you do that?" question.

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