[rescue] Miss my Sun CRTs...

Carl R. Friend crfriend at rcn.com
Wed Nov 28 15:54:22 CST 2012

    On Wed, 28 Nov 2012, Chris Brandstetter wrote:

> Reading this made me think of my old Intergraph 28"  I got at an
> auction for $10, but I think the medical damage from carrying it to a
> second floor cost much more.  I now have 2 24" LCDs, HUGE difference,
> although I had to go by a heater for my second floor office.

    We had one of those beasts at a former place of employment and it
wasn't worth the power to run it.  It dimmed almost immediately and
the deflection circuits were unstable and remarkaly mortal.  It got
replaced with a more conventional monitor after a couple of years.

    I prefer CRTs to LCDs in general.  I find that a well-adjusted
CRT will outperform an LCD panel in most situations, and CRTs have
the decided benefit of not being tied to their native resolution in
the way that panels are.  The latter makes me keep a small stable
of CRTs handy to accomodate my assortment of workstations (DEC,
Intergraph, SGI, IBM, &c.) many of which use very strange resolutions
(read, non-PeeCee) indeed.  I am especially enamoured of my pair
(unmatched) Nanao CRTs which produce stunning output no matter what
I feed them.

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