[rescue] Miss my Sun CRTs...

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Wed Nov 28 05:09:28 CST 2012

On Tue, Nov 27, 2012 at 1:31 PM, William Enestvedt <
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> This fall I finally gave up and traded in the Sun-branded 21" GIANT SONY
> CRT that I have used at work for about eight years.
>    Since I did a support contract swap (w00t!), in return I got a lame
> 17" CD with both Oracle's and Sun's logos. Sure, it' a crummy, no-name
> panel, but just a few minutes' use was enough to demonstrate that the
> soft pixels, bad focus, washed-out color, and frequent BOING sounds
> offered by the old CRT _far_ outweighed the nostalgia & nerd pride that
> the old monitor gave me. I don't miss it at all!
> - Will
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Funny i should see this mail today, i was just remisining about my old Sun
Widescreen CRT i think it was one of there...

I was huge, very heavy and worked rather well keeping my flat warm (its not
wasted energy if you do not have any other form of heating ;) I took it to
the recycling centre when I guess was a PSU issue stopped it working, it
has been developing green horizontal lines too.
With that one one side and the "standard" Sun 20" on the other my desk took
quite some shoring up. it was quite amasing though, wish I had pictures.

Yours jabbering on,

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