[rescue] Miss my Sun CRTs...

William Enestvedt William.Enestvedt at jwu.edu
Tue Nov 27 07:31:38 CST 2012

This fall I finally gave up and traded in the Sun-branded 21" GIANT SONY
CRT that I have used at work for about eight years.

   Since I did a support contract swap (w00t!), in return I got a lame
17" CD with both Oracle's and Sun's logos. Sure, it' a crummy, no-name
panel, but just a few minutes' use was enough to demonstrate that the
soft pixels, bad focus, washed-out color, and frequent BOING sounds
offered by the old CRT _far_ outweighed the nostalgia & nerd pride that
the old monitor gave me. I don't miss it at all!

- Will
Will Enestvedt

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