[rescue] Miss my Sun CRTs...

Rick Hamell hamellr at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 18:09:30 CST 2012

> LCDs are cool and all, my desk doesn't sag in the middle, but I kind of
> miss the old Sun CRTs I used for a long time. Does anybody in the Bay Area
> have one or two they wouldn't mind parting with? I had to give mine away
> when I moved cross-country and couldn't afford to bring 300 lbs of
> monitors. Below: old faithful at 1600x1200

You might contact the Computer Recycling Center down there, 
http://www.crc.org . If they're anything like FreeGeek up here in 
Portland they've got a stack of them sitting around that were donated to 
them. I'm not sure if they will sell hardware directly, but they might 
be able to point you to a local resource.

Rick Hamell

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