[rescue] looking for older PC (pedestal type, with hotswap bays)

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 19 08:14:30 CST 2012

I'm curious about your intended use...

Drives in such a machine would most-likely be SCSI, which means low-density
and older technology.

Memory capacity would be, at best, comparable to what a big-box retailer would
consider minimum for a laptop (4 Gig).

Power consumption (as a function of work performed) would likely be very, very

And your indifference to Mobo inside leads me to believe you are not trying to
run an instance of an old, obscure OS.

I have become quite fond of Dell off- lease servers (they have an ISP/custom
server they are selling for $212 that has 4x hot swap, 2x Xeon Quad-core CPUs
and 8 Gig of RAM -
=&isLaptop=N ) or go in through the main page http://dfsdirectsales.com

All that being said, I have a pristine Dell pedestal server full of CPUs (2x
PIII Xeon), RAM (?), and at least 6x SCSI HDs in hot-swap trays I could let
you have - I'm outside the Trenton area.

I am out of town at the moment, returning after the holidays - if interested,
please let me know, and I am curious what your plans are for the system.


On Nov 19, 2012, at 5:24 AM, kyle <kyle000 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi everyone, I am looking for an older PC that has a bunch of hotswap
> bays. I recall there were many models that had a pedestal/deskside
> type of case, and normally one side of the front would have at least 6
> drive bays. I'm hoping to find one with a Pentium, Pentium Pro or
> Pentium II cpu. I don't necessarily need RAM or drives, but the
> case/mobo/psu I would need, and I can possibly use some cpus I have in
> storage. I am in NJ, and will entertain having something shipped in
> depending on the cost. So, if you have something, please get in touch!
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