[rescue] looking for older PC (pedestal type, with hotswap bays)

kyle kyle000 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 19 04:24:03 CST 2012

Hi everyone, I am looking for an older PC that has a bunch of hotswap
bays. I recall there were many models that had a pedestal/deskside
type of case, and normally one side of the front would have at least 6
drive bays. I'm hoping to find one with a Pentium, Pentium Pro or
Pentium II cpu. I don't necessarily need RAM or drives, but the
case/mobo/psu I would need, and I can possibly use some cpus I have in
storage. I am in NJ, and will entertain having something shipped in
depending on the cost. So, if you have something, please get in touch!

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