[rescue] Free to Good Home: DEC RA-8000

Jonathan Patschke jp at celestrion.net
Wed May 30 10:14:00 CDT 2012

I have a mostly-complete DEC StorageWorks RA-8000 with dual controllers
that needs to leave its rack to make room for other things.  The RA-8000
is an FC-attached disk array with support for hardware RAID (mirroring,
striping, and parity) that uses StorageWorks SBBs to hold disks.

I have spare HSG80 controllers and (somewhere) the battery backup modules
and cables necessary to make the writeback cache work.  I've, sadly, never
powered this thing on, but it was in working condition when I received it.

This thing is big and bulky.  I _could_ ship it, but it's probably not
worth what it'd cost to send very far.  If you just want pieces (fan
modules, controllers, or even everything but the drive cage), that'd be
far more economical to ship.  If you're within an hour or so of Austin,
I'll happily deliver it to you.

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Elgin, TX            %     not challenged himself."
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