[rescue] Need 4-pin PSU to front motherboard connector for Sun V210 [resolved]

microcode at zoho.com microcode at zoho.com
Wed May 30 06:55:10 CDT 2012

Summary follows, thanks to all.

>From fraveydank at gmail.com Wed May 30 06:50:15 2012:

> Better not to power it on too often until you're fairly sure it's dry,
> though, because that does at least carry a small risk of shorting things
> which should not be shorted.

Thanks, it will sit until the end of the week, under a big fan.

jjg: Jonathan J. Groll : groll co za wrote:

> As a way of using the other connector, how about just cutting the cable
> and connecting each of the individual wires back together, instead of
> trying to pull the pins out of the connector?

and then

>From raubvogel at gmail.com Wed May 30 09:00:13 2012:

>      Splicing? If done right is a valid solution. People splice aircraft
> wiring all the time.

Yeah, aircraft mechanics with good tools splice aircraft wiring all the
time! Anybody else, I don't wanna know about it!

Anyway, I found out by searching pics on fleabay, the connector seems to be
a garden variety 4 post Molex connector. I will just order a package of the
connectors and the crimp-on pins and I should be good to go. Kudos to Sun
for not going out of their way to make parts impossible to find (although
that is not true for all their suppliers!)

Thanks to everyone for the comments.

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