[rescue] rescue Digest, Vol 114, Issue 12

Scott Quinn saquinn624 at aol.com
Tue May 29 19:52:57 CDT 2012

>George said:BTW, it occurred to me upon re-reading that my response could >be
takenas being snippy.  It was not intended to be.

Not taken as snippy - some of the jargon makes little to no sense. No idea why
Sun chose vertical/horizontal, but that seems to be the "official" line -
"straight" and "90-degree" would make more sense (since most machines do mount
the "vertical" card horizontally), or "pin connector" vs "card edge connector"

BTW - for those waiting on books/other junk, I'm packing and getting shipping
quotes. Note that there will probably be more stuff in the giveaway pile

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