[rescue] Sun UPA (Creator3d/Elite3d) framebuffer wanted

George Wyche g at cjwyche.org
Mon May 28 12:23:21 CDT 2012

Hi Scott,

  "Framebuffer" this thing must be. I don't know what for sure you are
trying to say when you say "horizontal". Chances are it isn't what you
want. I cannot say for sure. Help me identify this double board, known
to be working when it was removed, device.
  Nowhere on this thing does it say in plain English what it is. I looked
carefully. Here are all the "markings" in no discernable order:
[numerous 1 inch square chips with SUN printed on them]
*5015058028177* -01REV50
*5404313004950* -02REV50
*5015575004795* -02REV50
270-5574-01 REV 01

George Wyche

> Went to put my Creator3d in the Ultra-2 2300, messed up, and broke off a
> needed pin (grr). Got a TGX in it now, but would like to get a UPA in
> there
> for the sort of completely illogical reasons that many of us on the list
> share, some variant of "because it's there..."
> So - does anyone have a cheap horizontal UPA Creator3d or Elite3d hanging
> around?
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