[rescue] Down on a holiday weekend and can't get V100's to boot: IDE bus issues?

Patrick Giagnocavo patrick at zill.net
Sun May 27 10:00:17 CDT 2012

On 5/27/2012 8:21 AM, Rich Kulawiec wrote:
> I'm trying to quickly set up a pair of V100's to replace two (yes...two)
> failed systems that are currently down and probably not coming back. I'm
> working on the first one now and intend to make the second a clone.  Both
> systems will have 2 Seagate 40G drives, or at least that's my intention.
> My issue appears to be related to the IDE bus and inability to boot
> from CDROM.   I get this in response to probe-ide:
> 	ok probe-ide
> 	  Device 0  ( Primary Master )
> 		  ATA Model: ST340016A
> 	  Device 1  ( Primary Slave )
> 		 Not Present
> 	  Device 2  ( Secondary Master )
> 		 Removable ATAPI Model: CD-224E
> 	  Device 3  ( Secondary Slave )
> 		  ATA Model: ST340016A
> I have one of the Seagate Barracudas jumpered as a master, one unjumpered
> (slave), and I don't know the jumpering on the CD drive because I don't
> know how to determine that.
> I get this in response to boot cdrom:
> 	ok boot cdrom
> 	Boot device: /pci at 1f,0/ide at d/cdrom at 3,0:f  File and args:
> 	Can't read disk label.
> 	Can't open disk label package

I definitely have had this issue as well.  I ended up trying different
drives until I found one that worked well.  Also, I think I had to set
it up as a master and not a slave.


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