[rescue] From the garage ... free books, some Sun stuff (Renton, WA)

Scott Quinn saquinn624 at aol.com
Sat May 12 15:46:20 CDT 2012

Stuff found lurking in the garage:


Programming the Macintosh in C
Using the Macintosh Toolbox with C
Apple II Utilities Guide for v 2.0
Structured Programming in Macintosh Assembly Language
Software Engineering (Sommerville)
ImageWriter II Owner's Manual
Using Norton Utilities for Macintosh v 2.0
Multimedia Production, Planning & Delivery (Vilamil-Casanova)
Multimedia Graphics (Vilamil-Casanova)
Multimedia Sound & Video (Vilamil-Casanova)
Multimedia, an Introduction (Vilamil-Casanova)
Commodore 128D System Guide
Wyse WY-370 User's Guide
The Apple II: AppleWorks Tutorial
Commodore 64 User's Manual
Apple IIe Card Owner's Guide (for the Mac LC Apple II card)
Apple IIe Extended 80-column Text Card Owner's Guide
Apple II UniDisk Owner's Manual
HP LaserJet Series II Owner's Manual
Apple Color Monitor Installation Manual (Apple II era)
Apple IIe Owner's Manual


SGI Origin 2000 fan tray with fans
SGI Origin 200 MSC (System Controller)
Dell Latitude C-Dock II, complete- includes PSU and the monitor tray
HP LaserJet PostScript cartridge
HP 9000 Keyboard adapter, for the 9000/715 series with the "SMD-10" port.
Provides HIL and PS/2
Power Macintosh 5.25" disk sled - works in the 7200, 7300, 8500, 9600, etc.
ASAP TF-555 Voice/Data/Fax switch.

Sun stuff:

Aurora PSU (SPARCstations 4,5,20)
Type 4 Sun keyboards
Sun 50-pin "snack pack" single drive expansion box.

You find a way to get it to you, it's free. If you can't get to Renton but
want something we can negotiate for shipping +.

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