[rescue] SAS arrays from SGI/Rackable

Joshua Boyd jdboyd at jdboyd.net
Thu Mar 15 12:23:20 CDT 2012

SGI InfiniteStorage 220 and Rackable Omnistor SE3016 are two SAS arrays
that I'm looking at.  The first is 12 bays, the second is 16.  Both 
appear to take either SAS or SATA drives and to be plain JBODs.  Both 
are nicely priced on eBay.

I can't seem to find manuals for either.  I'm trying to find some sort
of confirmation that they are both plain JBODs and that I can ignore
installing any sort of management software for them.

Does anyone have manuals or personal experience with these?

Some places make it sound like they use LSI SAS expanders, so experience 
with those might also be relevent.

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