[rescue] looking for a Sun monitor

Zachary Giles zgiles at gmail.com
Sun Mar 4 19:27:40 CST 2012

Unix Surplus in Mountain View has some good stuff. They had a pile of
Sun LCD's a while back.

On Sun, Mar 4, 2012 at 7:41 PM, Robert Novak <rnovak at indyramp.com> wrote:
> Hey John,
> I have a couple of CRTs that I'll be getting rid of in a month or so...
> they're kinda buried in a warehouse at the moment though.
> If nobody else in the area has them, and if you're impatient... the
> Electronics Flea Market starts up at Deanza College in Cupertino next
> Saturday.  http://www.electronicsfleamarket.com/  Someone there usually has
> Sun, SGI, HP, etc monitors. You could also take a side trip to Halted or
> Weird Stuff afterward.
> Rob
> On Sun, Mar 4, 2012 at 4:09 PM, John Floren <john at jfloren.net> wrote:
>> I loved my big old Sun CRTs, but had to give them away when I moved
>> cross-country to the SF bay area. Does anyone in the area have some
>> surplus, or want to trade? I'm in Livermore.
>> John
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