[rescue] Burroughs B1000 series minicomputer disk exerciser

Justin Haynes justin at justinhaynes.com
Sat Mar 3 00:39:44 CST 2012

All -

Probably the easiest most non-damagable piece of equipment associated 
with this minicomputer that can safely and relatively inexpensively be 
shipped just about anywhere.  :-)   Pictures here:


A video is available as well and I'll make it available if anyone would 
like to see it.  I can be heard babbling and holding the cellphone 
camera, but my friend Dave with the English accent knew more about the 
hardware and talks through it, including opening the case to point out 
some of the beautiful by-hand wire wrapping.

If anyone here on the list wants it, I'll send it if you pay shipping.  
I'd like to know it will be used or at least preserved.  Ideally it can 
live at a museum near a suitable Burroughs minicomputer.


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