[rescue] Free: E420r

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Sat Jun 16 18:24:57 CDT 2012

>> The physical chassis and power supply/ies definitely do not.
> I agree with the logic, but have you also factored in the likelihood
> of the power supply failing?  Getting a known-good spare PS for the
> cost of shipping could be cheap insurance...

Possibly.  But various factors combine to provoke me to give it a pass.
First, I think it even less likely the E420r power supply will work in
an E220r than the CPUs or RAM.  Second, I actually have two fully
working E220rs, so I actually have a spare already unless/until I have
some need for both of them running at once.  Third, of all the various
pieces, the power supply is perhaps the one I feel most competent to
kludge an operational replacement for if necessary.  Fourth, of the
easily removable pieces, the power supply is the costliest in both
probable shipping cost and physical space budget.

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