[rescue] Free: E420r

Mark Brown sunrescue1 at marknmel.com
Sat Jun 16 13:29:50 CDT 2012

On 6/16/2012 12:35 PM, Phil Stracchino wrote:
> I keep looking at this and thinking that it'd be nice to have it in my
> rack.  But the shipping would probably be impractical; its four cores
> would probably be good for my DB, but 4G isn't enough memory for that
> job; and I'm not sure what other job I could reasonably put it to.
> (Besides, my tentative plan for the DB is to reinstall my two V210s, put
> about 8G in each, and make them into a cluster for MySQL.  For that to
> be practical, though, I have to figure out a way to defeat the
> low-temperature limit on the V210, because I can't have my DB cluster
> shutting itself down overnight on winter nights.)

Well, that's obvious - you need a space heater - model E420r.
You solve both problems


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