[rescue] Free: E420r

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Fri Jun 15 00:45:35 CDT 2012

>>> This is free to a good home [...]
>> I hope someone takes this.  But, if not, does anyone know whether
>> maybe the removable bits (CPUs, RAM, etc) are compatible with my
>> E220r?  If so, might you be willing to pull them and send them my
>> way?
> Let me know what parts you are interested in and I'll consider it.

Anything that (a) is E220r-compatible and (b) is small and light enough
to sanely ship.

Of course, this just pushes the question off to the question of what I
consider sane to ship.  CPUs and RAM definitely make the cut.  Disks
normally wouldn't, but 36G is big enough (this is SCA SCSI, right?)
that it does too.  The physical chassis and power supply/ies definitely
do not.  The motherboard is closer to the line, but for me now it too
falls on the "don't send it" side of that line.

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