[rescue] Free: E420r

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Thu Jun 14 12:23:03 CDT 2012

>> This is free to a good home [...]
> I hope someone takes this.  But, if not, does anyone know whether maybe
> the removable bits (CPUs, RAM, etc) are compatible with my E220r?  If
> so, might you be willing to pull them and send them my way?  I can
> justify neither the physical space nor the shipping cost to save the
> whole thing, but spares for my E220r would be small, cheap to send,
> and, while hardly necessary, would be nice to have.

Yes the bits are compatible... actually aside from a bottom plate and
back plate
(which you can actually swap out... yes, I know, 'cause I did ;-) )  You can
assemble a 220R from a 420R and visa versa.    There is one additional wiring
harness you need for the 420R, but otherwise they're good spare parts sources
for each other.


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