[rescue] Opinions - what OS for Sun E3500?

shatle at nfldinet.com shatle at nfldinet.com
Fri Jun 8 15:49:10 CDT 2012

I've decided to bring my E3500 out of mothballs - I've got enough FC
disks, processors and memory to make a real power-sucking dust bunny
However, I'm a bit out of touch with the current state of all the
different OS options, so I'm soliciting opinions on what I should
consider for OS. This is not going to be a production machine, so I have
the opportunity to play a bit, but I'd like it if I had support for the
FC disk and SMP.
I can always dig out my old Solaris media, and I will if that's the best
thing, but I'm open to trying something new. I have a feeling this may
spark (pardon the pun) some healthy discussion...

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