[rescue] Major Gear Purge coming...

Christopher Purdy escher.beretta.2112 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 5 06:56:55 CDT 2012

Well, The time has finally come.  Its time for all of it to go - no
room in our small house with 2 kids growing way too fast.

I will shortly be moving everything to the garage and then if I have
no takers in a few weeks, to the curb...

Rough list:
2X SGI Octane (one with dual CPU)
1X SGI Indigo 2
1X Sun Blade 2000 (Single 900mhz CPU)
1X iMac G4 700Mhz I believe - 15" sunflower style.  Upgraded with
aftermarket DVDR
1X SGI 21" Granite Monitor
1X Sun 21" flat screen CRT
Media kits for multiple versions of Solaris - 2.6 up to around 9 or
10, not completely sure.
Multiple (read: maybe 5 to 10) Sparc CPU's - Ultra 30/60/E450 vintage
Multiple sticks of ram for Ultra 30/60/E450 - not sure how many -
scattered between mutiple boxes.
20-30 SCSI hard drives of various connectors and sizes.  (Mostly for
E450 - not sure how many)
Multiple HDD brackets for above - still attached in many cases.
1 metric sh*t ton of associated cables, connectors and other goodies -
scsi, video, power, etc...
1X 17" flat screen TV

I'm sure there are other bits and pieces in there (network switches
maybe?  I cant remember anymore)...

Its all going.... I need the basement emptied and if I get interested
parties - you can dig through it to your hearts content... as long as
you leave with SOMETHING!  Bring boxes...

I'm located in Fenton, MI and am available most evenings.  This stuff
is NOT sorted - and forgive me - but my garage and basement are a mess
- not horrid, but with racks of all this stuff, its all over the
place... If you want to come before I move it to the garage - that is
fine, just know what your getting into.

The best day for me is Sunday - With luck, this Sunday I'll be doing a
lot of this moving work.

No charge for any of it, obviously... I just hate to trash the final
bits of my collection.

The ONLY machine I would like - if ANYONE can help... Is a Commodore
PET 4016 or 4032 (or comperable CBM version).  Pretty much any PET
without the chicklet keys.. I'd like to get one for my kids to start
playing with BASIC on...

Best Regards,


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