[rescue] Would sell Cray J932SE system if someone was interested.

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Mon Jun 4 02:16:05 CDT 2012

I have a Cray J932SE system. It's a 32 processor vector supercomputer made 
by Cray. It has the Sun Sparcstation 5 SWS with LCD monitor. It has the 
IOS, and 6 disk trays (each held 4 drives.) I have 6 drives for it. I have 
a copy of Unicos and I think 2, will have to check.

It is a two cabinet setup, with one cabinet being the 6' deep wider CPU 
box and one being the more standard 19" rack that holds the drives and VME 

In it's current state I've gotten it to boot the IOS, and it's kernel 
panic on boot of Unicos. I haven't had enough time to devote to it 
solidly, as I pretty much hold up the hackerspace in our area, am involved 
in starting a markerfaire for the area, and a ton of other crap.

I don't have a dying need to sell it, but we're going to be coming up on 
moving everything from the hackerspace to a new location, which may not be 
a permanant home. I have no prospects of home ownership anytime soon (area 
is still housing bubbleriffic and employer wiped out my savings I had for 
the cause.)

So if someone was looking for one of a very limited number of Cray J932SE 
systems, I'd be willing to talk.

It uses 3 x 220v 30amp circuits.

Located in Norfolk Virginia.

Probably thinking around $10K for it.

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