[rescue] Two DEC 3000s, an SGI Indy, and a PowerBook Duo - London, UK

Rayner Lucas sunrescue at magic-cookie.co.uk
Mon Jul 30 15:11:57 CDT 2012

I need the space more than I need these old systems, but I'd rather not 
send them to the dump if possible. I have:

- Two DEC 3000 workstations (model 600S, if I remember right - I'll dig 
them out to double check if anyone expresses interest). They're both 
maxed out with half a gig of RAM. One has a tape drive of some sort, the 
other has a caddy-style CD-ROM drive. I can supply tray-style CD-ROM 
drives that ought to work with these. One of them has a hard drive 
(50-pin SCSI), and has NetBSD installed.

- SGI Indy with 17" flat-tube CRT monitor. It doesn't have the keyboard, 
mouse, or IndyCam, but it uses a standard PS/2 keyboard and mouse which 
I may be able to supply if needed. It has the 256-colour graphics module 
and (IIRC) is currently running some ancient version of Debian Linux.

- Apple PowerBook Duo 270c laptop. 12MB RAM and a 240MB hard disk. 
Running Mac OS 7.6.1. Has the Duo Dock 2 docking station, which I 
haven't been able to test as I don't have a monitor for it.

For more details and a bunch of other bits and pieces I'd like to give 
away, there's a list here: http://www.magic-cookie.co.uk/computerstuff.html

I'm in London, UK. I'd much prefer that someone collected these, as 
they're seriously heavy, but if you're willing to pay for me to ship 
them then I might be able to arrange it. Anyone want to grab them?


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