[rescue] Crossbow vnic for a zone

Joshua D. Boyd jdboyd at jdboyd.net
Sat Jul 21 22:55:50 CDT 2012

I'm running Solaris express with kernel version SNV 127 (near to the 
last version before they switched to Solaris 11 style packaging and 
dropped support for V240 and related machines).

This release has crossbow, so I wanted to use crossbow for zone 
networking instead of shared_ip interfaces.

Previously, when using crossbow it was for a virtual network only and 
not meant to talk to the outside world, so each zone got a vnic attached 
to an etherstub.

On this machine, I want each zone to by default be able to talk to the 
outside world, so I wanted to bind vnics to bge0.

The reason that I don't want to use shared-ip is because I want to make 
how I setup zones more consistant between the two use cases.  I don't 
want to bind the vnic to an etherstub because then I'd have to setup a 
zone to act as a router between the etherstub traffic and the physical 
interface, which seems like it would suck some of the machine 
performance away.

So, I did this:
   dladm create-vnic -l bge0 vnic01
Then, I created the zone config with this net section:
   set ip-type=exclusive
   add net
   set physical=vnic01
Now, when I boot the zone, ifconfig -a only shows lo0 (twice).  If I try 
ifconfig -a plumb, I get: ifconfig: SIOCSLIFNAME for ip: vnic01: Invalid 

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