[rescue] Learned something new today...

marty scholes martyscholes at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 17 12:07:11 CDT 2012

Robert Novak wrote:

> I've had much more success than failure on eBay sourced
RAM over the
> last 5 or so years, especially when dealing with older
> ram (built out a lot of dl145 g1/g2 machines, and recently
got a
> couple of dual opterons with ddr1 ecc reg that needed more ram).

have to agree.  I am typing this on a DL585 server (from ebay) with 60GB of
RAM (also from ebay).
Come to think of it, the triple-head sun-ray clients I
am typing on also are courtesy of ebay.

Just be careful what you buy.  I
almost bought 16GB of fully-buffered when I needed registered RAM.
Seller was
very cool about it and let me back out before the auction was complete.

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