[rescue] Some SUNs in search of a new home

Anke Stueber stueberahoo at yahoo.de
Sat Jul 14 02:59:50 CDT 2012


On 14.07.2012 09:15, Gerold Pauler wrote:
> 1 x SUN E450 (3 x 300 MHz, ???GB, 20 Slot SCSI backplane with 20 x 8 GB 
> disks)
> 1 x SUN E3500 (6 x 400 MHz, 4 GB, 8 x ?GB FC disks) last boot 1 
> processor board with 2 CPUs/1 GB failed.
> 1 x SUN E3800 (8 x 900 MHz, ?? GB, no disks)  1 out of 3 power supply 
> fans not working
> 1 x SUN 20" CRT
> All free only for self collector(s).
> Will go to dust bin end of July 2012.
> Located in Berlin (Germany).

I'd love to take them myself, but they are just too big and heavy for my
already crammed flat. But I'd hate to see them scrapped, so I'll offer
to collect and store them if someone wants them, but can't make it till
the end of july. I'm located in Berlin.

Gerold, if you have anything smaller you want to get rid of, I'll
happily take it. ;)

Regards, Anke

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