[rescue] Some SUNs in search of a new home

Gerold Pauler gerold.pauler at gmx.net
Sat Jul 14 02:15:36 CDT 2012

Hi German folks on the list,

at the moment the following SUN parts are looking for a new home:

1 x SUN E450 (3 x 300 MHz, ???GB, 20 Slot SCSI backplane with 20 x 8 GB 
1 x SUN E3500 (6 x 400 MHz, 4 GB, 8 x ?GB FC disks) last boot 1 
processor board with 2 CPUs/1 GB failed.
1 x SUN E3800 (8 x 900 MHz, ?? GB, no disks)  1 out of 3 power supply 
fans not working
1 x SUN 20" CRT

All free only for self collector(s).
Will go to dust bin end of July 2012.
Located in Berlin (Germany).

Some other pieces will follow - just have to copy/delete personal data.


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