[rescue] Sun and unknown cables (stuff from the garage)

Scott Quinn saquinn624 at aol.com
Wed Jul 11 16:18:41 CDT 2012

Still trying to move the Sun-4/300 system I have - bare cardcage, but it
works. Sun 4300 board, memory expansion board (both loaded, total of 224MB
RAM), CG5. 12-slot cardcage, so I guess you could call it a 4/360, 370 or 380.
Also would consider parting it out. Pick it up for free, ship for cost + a

Odd cables, perhaps someone wants or could shed light on them. One DA15f->
3BNC with a PS/2 KB/M plug in the middle. Part # 012-1369-00 but no company

One 13W3F->13W3M, but the cable is split in two shielded assemblies rather
than one. The RGBS signals are split out to BNCs in the middle, and the other
signals are carried straight-through. 9ft cable. Commercially made (molded
plugs), but no maker's name.

FDDI stuff! Sun VME FDDI board, SGI VME FDDI board. SGI board includes
bulkheads and switch.

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