[rescue] Tat clearout

Peter Corlett abuse at cabal.org.uk
Wed Jul 4 15:06:20 CDT 2012

I've finally had enough of hoarding kit, want to declutter, but would also
like to find a good home for the stuff rather than put it out for the bin

Can I tempt anybody to a Sun Ultra 30, some G4 PowerMacs, a whole load of SCSI
and ATA disks, all sorts of RAM, and an epic collection of cables? And
possibly some Amiga curiosities if I've gotten round to recovering all of my
floppies and backup tapes by then.

This is all in Shepherd's Bush, London (W12 7JY) and I want it gone within the
next couple of months. It would be all free to a good homebalthough I'd not
complain if a case of beer turned upbbut I'm not prepared to faff around
with shipping it. It should be no more effort than dragging it out and dumping
it on the street for the local scrotes to steal :)


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