[rescue] have a bunch of 50pin 4GB drives

shatle at nfldinet.com shatle at nfldinet.com
Mon Jul 2 09:59:29 CDT 2012

I realize I'm coming to this late, but do you still have any of these
drives available? I'm finding working 50 pin SCSI drives are getting
harder to come by. One by one my old Macs and NeXTs are having trouble
with stiction and failed drives.
If you have any left, please let me know, and I hope we can work
something out.

PS - Are you aware if Auspex did anything with blocksize, firmware, etc.
that needs to be addressed?

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  Subject: [rescue] have a bunch of 50pin 4GB drives
  From: Patrick Giagnocavo <patrick at zill.net>

  I have a bunch of Micropolis 3243 and Seagate ST15150N, 50pin SCSI
  drives. I don't have an easy way to test them, since I dismantled the
  Auspex they were in, a while back.

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