[rescue] Free for pickup in MA

Nate Raymond nraymond at gmail.com
Tue Jan 31 01:17:24 CST 2012

I have secured a new job in Providence, RI and will be leaving Somerville, MA
soon... I need to lighten the load for the move, so the following items are
free to a good home, pickup only in 02144, precedence goes to those who can
take more, message me off list if you're interested:

SGI Indigo 2, 195Mhz R10000 with 32/32KB I/D L1 cache 1024KB L2 cache, 1GB
ECC, Graphics: Solid Impact (2-board) + High Impact (1-board), 9GB Seagate
Ultra SCSI drive, SCSI CD-ROM, IRIX 6.5 installed (see
http://www.sgizone.net/indigo2/ and
http://www.futuretech.blinkenlights.nl/pcw5-93i2.html for more info)

HP Visualize C360, PA-8500 367MHz with 512/1024KB on-chip I/D L1 cache,
Visualize-EG video card (EVC connector, no adapter, only tested over serial
console), 1GB ECC RAM, 9GB Seagate Ultra-Wide SCSI drive, SCSI CD-ROM,
Supports HP-UX, Linux, and OpenBSD, HP-UX 11i full media set included (see
http://www.openpa.net/systems/hp-visualize_c200_c240_c360.html for more info)

iMac 17" G5 1.6Ghz, 2GB RAM, 300GB HD, CD/DVD-RW - works well most of the
time, sometimes shows some video corruption, both system fans were recently

Mac G4 'Mirror Drive Door' dual 1Ghz, 2GB RAM, 160GB hard drive, Radeon 9000
Pro (DVI-D and ADC out), CD/DVD-RW - cold boots fine every time, warm boot
(restart) results in a blinking "?", otherwise works great

Mac G4 AGP 400Mhz, 1GB RAM, 80GB hard drive, Radeon 8500 (DVI-D, VGA, S-video
out), CD/DVD-RW - works great

PowerMac 9600/300 (604ev CPU), 192MB RAM, 40GB hard drive, Radeon 7000 PCI
(VGA), Apple 100Base-T ethernet card, ATA133 card (ACARD 6280M with LBA48
support), Adaptec 2940U2B Ultra2 SCSI card, Zip drive, CD/DVD-RW - works great

External Ultra SCSI dual drive 3.5" half height enclosure (68-pin LVD/SE), two
Seagate 50GB 7200rpm SCA80 hard drives w/68-pin adapters, active terminator,
68-pin to 68-pin SCSI cable included - one 50GB drive works great, the other
drive was recently interrupted when I was doing a low-level format/zero when
the system went into sleep mode, probably caused a firmware issue with the
drive and it's no longer fully recognized

7 CD-ROM changer SCSI tower, seven Nakamichi MJ-4.8S (8x CD-ROM) drives in a
tower case with power supply, each drive is a slot-loading changer that can
hold four discs (28 discs total), Centronics 50-pin SCSI connector for
connection to host

Mac Quadra 700 (25Mhz 040 CPU) with 20MB RAM, 2MB VRAM, 1.2GB SCSI hard drive
- I previously painted the case exterior black with Krylon Fusion as an
experiment, came out ok, system works great

Mac Performa 638 (33Mhz 040 CPU), 36MB RAM, 4GB hard drive, Apple TV
Tuner/video input card (standard def), Apple MPEG-1 decoder card (for VideoCD
playback), Apple IR remote, 10Base-T ethernet card - works great

Mac SE - screen is bright and clear, late model 'SuperDrive' version with dual
HD (1.44MB) floppy drives, no hard drive

Will complete testing soon:

Mac Quadra 605
Mac SE/30

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