[rescue] Memory for Mac G4 Quicksilver

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Wed Jan 25 22:40:20 CST 2012

 In summation :

>> If you don't know - there are standard SDRAMs, so if you've got any
>> old computer - it should fit.
>The Quicksilver series (assuming its not the later mirror drive door model)
>uses PC133 SDRAM. All modules must have matching CAS latency times in
>Macs or it will likely have issues with crashes in my experience.
>Should be easy enough to find something.

Right, that's why I asked the rescue list :-)
I simply don't have any  PC 133 512s that will work. The only two I have
(even though they seem to be the right density)
are not recognized (either with the two in, or by themselves).   I'd be
willing to trade them, etc. for
something that would work...  I'd rather trade since this isn't something I
want to invest a lot in...

Earl<CAAucK2WXb-zBnL7LvN%2BCy%2BdjLnq6WjkUK53scyQoVkAMHjOvcQ at mail.gmail.com>

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