[rescue] Looking for google appliance bezels

Daniel Forsythe defor at me.com
Wed Jan 25 10:49:45 CST 2012

I'm not sure if this is the best place to ask but inquiries with Dell and watching on ebay's turned up nothing...

Basically I'm trying to track down 2 of the Google search appliance bezels that are based on the Dell PowerEdge 2950 chassis. I realize that the normal PE2950 bezels will work fine, but in a stack of other google search appliances that i've repurposed as a virtualization cluster, at home, it just looks funny- in the funny-bad kind of way...

Anyone have one, two- whatever- I don't mind if locks are stripped, paint's chipped, google logo missing, etc (plan to repaint and rekey everything anyway)

should match this:

Dan Forsythe

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