[rescue] Memory for Mac G4 Quicksilver?

Krzysiek krzysiek996 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 07:06:11 CST 2012

If you don't know - there are standard SDRAMs, so if you've got any
old computer - it should fit.

2012/1/25 Earl Baugh <earl at baugh.org>:
> Anybody got any memory that would work in a Mac G4 Quicksilver box?
> Interested in trade more than buy....
> I've got a G4 that I'm pulling together to sell / trade / etc, and it's got
> an open slot... so can add another 512,
> but the stuff I've tried doesn't cut it (right speed, but might be
> buffered, unhappy sound when trying it alone..)
> I've got Tiger and all the updates on the box, and it's not too shabby (has
> Mac SCSI card and video that will drive
> either VGA or the ADC connector )  Also had a chance to play with some of
> the earlier OS X editions that I hadn't
> had much experience with... so has been fun. (though odd seeing Networking
> default to "PPP over Modem"...
> especially since this box, even from 2002-ish, has Gigabit Ethernet...
> Earl
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