[rescue] Memory for Mac G4 Quicksilver?

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Tue Jan 24 23:14:57 CST 2012

Anybody got any memory that would work in a Mac G4 Quicksilver box?
Interested in trade more than buy....

I've got a G4 that I'm pulling together to sell / trade / etc, and it's got
an open slot... so can add another 512,
but the stuff I've tried doesn't cut it (right speed, but might be
buffered, unhappy sound when trying it alone..)
I've got Tiger and all the updates on the box, and it's not too shabby (has
Mac SCSI card and video that will drive
either VGA or the ADC connector )  Also had a chance to play with some of
the earlier OS X editions that I hadn't
had much experience with... so has been fun. (though odd seeing Networking
default to "PPP over Modem"...
especially since this box, even from 2002-ish, has Gigabit Ethernet...


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